Our Approach

Jackie & Junior Sharing Everything!

Ms. B’s approach to Pet Care

Learning about how our canine friends think inspires me to be the best dog walker possible. I’ve studied dog cognition online and am pet first aid certified. Each and every time I go out with your pup I treat them like mine.

In fact, I’ll sometimes bring Beignet, the Bichon/Cavalier Spaniel along. As I do for her, I carry along wipes in the winter for tender paws and water for hot days in the summer. I use a positive-only communication style in order to give the best dog walking experience. I allow plenty of time for sniffing since a dog’s sense of smell is the most important way they get information. Their sense of smell is 40 times stronger than ours and more cells in their brains process olfactory information than anything else. I pay attention to the textures we walk on because that is important for them too. 

Lucky - Ms. B Best Dog Care

It’s a natural fit for Dan and me to work together. We’ve lived in Fort Point for over twenty years, are both artists and have a live-and-work studio in the 249 A Street Cooperative artist’s building in the historic section of the Seaport. In our years of being together, we’ve almost all ways had a cat or a dog with us. Our lives are always richer that way.

If you have a dog that needs to be walked or a cat that needs a visit I hope you will consider letting them be part of or Ms.B’s Pet Care family. Please call us for a free ‘meet and greet’ session to get started.

What We Do

  • Meet & greet and get to know each of our client’s personality before the first initial service
  • We walk your dogs and coach along with positive reinforcements
  • We listen to your concerns and personalize different needs for your furry kids